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Why Choose Veggie Fed Chicken?

When it comes to consuming animal products, you are what they eat. Now, imagine if litter from the floor of the chicken house was on the menu. As unappetizing as it may sound, this and other by-products aren’t uncommon in … Read MoreRead More

Food Safety

Keeping Products Safe for Consumers: Three Factors to Watch

By Vickie Seltenreich, Senior Director of FSQA, Somma Foods Now more than ever, producing safe food that customers can trust is a top priority. In addition to a damaged reputation, foodservice companies that do not prioritize food safety can face … Read More


Never, No, Maybe?

There is some confusion in the marketplace, the media, and therefore with consumers, about what the labels used to describe antibiotic use in protein products really mean. At Somma, we are proud to offer our Chickentopia® line of No Antibiotics … Read More

Benefits of Breakfast

The Benefits of Breakfast

A healthy and balanced breakfast is essential for children and adolescents to maintain their attention, concentration and alertness throughout the day. Over time, this may lead to positive changes in attitude, drive, productivity and overall academic performance. In fact, there … Read More