There is some confusion in the marketplace, the media, and therefore with consumers, about what the labels used to describe antibiotic use in protein products really mean.

At Somma, we are proud to offer our Chickentopia® line of No Antibiotics Ever, 100% vegetable fed chicken products to food service operators across the country.

Competing Definitions

When a consumer makes the choice that they want something different from their chicken supplier and they go looking for a solution, they are met with all kinds of terms relative to antibiotics: Judicious Use, Responsible Use, Non-Human Analogous, Antibiotics not essential to humans, to name a few. To be clear, non of these terms equal No Antibiotics Ever (NAE).

“Antibiotic free” is also used alone or in conjunction with any of the above terms. The term is a marketing tool used to highlight what are already FDA and USDA requirements – All poultry sold in the U.S. is antibiotic residue free. If a bird is fed or injected with antibiotics to enhance growth or to prevent or treat sickness, that bird must go through a “withdrawal period” to flush out the medication before leaving the farm. Antibiotic Free is no indication whether antibiotics were administered or not.

No Antibiotics Ever means never, ever are the birds given antibiotics of any kind at any time. Because all of our Chickentopia chickens are NAE, they are never exposed to antibiotic residue. If a bird or a flock falls ill, and antibiotics are used, those birds can no longer carry the label NAE, and thus the Chickentopia brand.

In December of 2014 six of the nation’s largest school districts jointly announced they would source only NAE, 100% vegetable fed chicken. The group, called the Urban School Food Alliance, serves 3 million meals per day and procures $600 million in food and supplies annually. Their decision to implement this specification has been the both the catalyst for conversation and the impetus for suppliers to commit their plan to meet this standard for School Food service. The Chickentopia brand is our answer to that call.

One district included in the Urban School Food Alliance is Dallas Independent School District. The district serves an estimated 160,000 students, from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, at 227 schools. We are proud to supply Chickentopia brand chicken to Dallas ISD and other Food service operators throughout the U.S. that have made the choice to go NAE.

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